Sunday, June 28, 2009


Chanting mantra particularly specific mantra to individual buddha amulet plays an important role to energize one's amulet.However, there are still many people still scoffing at Mantras, thinking that these are merely superstitious mumbo-jumbo recited by insane people little realizing that we are merely dealing with the power of vibratory sound.

However, we should try to appreciate the following scenario/situation(s) in order to really understand the extraordinary power of chanting mantra:
first play a rock/romantic music and then classical music from Mozart, Beethoven – how do you feel?

Do we realize that Chinese qi-gong masters advocate the practice of Healing Sound Qi-gong techniques to help the patients to recover from certain illness?

Have we heard about delicate surgery being conducted by ultra-sonic vibrations sound?

Using mantras to calm or restrain violently insane people. At the time a mantra was started for their benefits, progressively calming down and then become quiet and well-behaved under mantric influence.

Voice-pitch which plays an important part in hypnotism and to demagogues who wish to sway masses of people

Opium Curative Association (South East Asia) 100% success rate in curing addicts by using frequent recitation of certain holy scriptures within a three week span of time

Hearing of success stories from people who persistently, consistently and concentrated in reciting certain mantras to successfully resolve their problems whether in term of health/illness, happiness, and prosperity/wealth.

Besides the above, Mantras also have been known to be able to clear karmic influences of a person. Of course, to do so, the person needs to recite such mantras very frequently and in a very focus/concentrated manner demonstrating persistency and perseverance at all times.

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