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Useful Long Mantra

At all times, there should be deep concentration/focus when reciting or chanting these mystical mantras. It is important to note that if the recipient of benefits from mantra utterances is capable of developing a high degree of sympathetic response or receptivity, the formula is then said to be “guaranteed by Amoghasiddhi”( the Buddha of Unfailing Success)

Examples of Useful longer Mantras for recital:

1 Namo Bhagavate Bhaishajaguru
Namo Bhagavate Bhaishajaguru-Vaiduryaprabha-Rajaya-Tathagataya-
Arhate-Samyaksambuddhaya-Tadyatha: Om! Bhaishajye,Bhaishajye,Bhaishajya-Samudgate Svaha!
(Translation: “I honor the Lord, the Master of Healing, shining like lapis-lazulli, the King, the Tathagata, the Holy One, the Perfectly Enlightened One, saying: “ To the healing, to the healing, to the Healer, Hail ! Be it accomplished!!”
For Healing purpose for example like a relief from pain.

2 THE Mantra-Dharani Of Happiness

Sarve bhavantu sukinah
Sarve Santu niramaya
Sarve bhavantu pasyantu
Ma Kascit dukhabhag bhavet
Shanti! Shanti! Shanti!
(Translation:”Let all be happy-let all be healthy-let all see the face of happiness- let no one be unhappy. Peace-Peace-Peace

3 The Tranqulization Mantra

Ekam sat vipra bahudra vadanti-sarvam khalvidam Buddham. Tat tvam asi! Ayam atma santo-ayam atma satya-ayam atma bhakti-ayam atma prajna-ayam atma shanty-ayam atma moksha-ayam atma paramartha
Shanti OM-Siddhi
(Translation : “ All existence is one; sages call it by different names. All indeed is Buddha. Thou art that! This being is silence- this being is truth-this being is devotion – this being is wisdom-this being is peace- this being is liberation-this being Ineffable Truth. Peace-OM! Be it accomplished!

4 The Protective Dharani Of Samantabhadra

Adande dandapati, dandavartani dandakusale danda sudhari dhari sudharapati,buddhapasyanidharani, avartani samvartani sanghaparikshite sanghanirghatani dharmaparikshite sarvasattvarutakausalyanugate simhavikridite anuvarte vartani vartali, svaha!
Much used by travellers in unsafe place, by those who are in great physical danger, as an antidote to poison, as a cure for earache and deafness ant ( at least in the Province of Yunnan) as a protection against lightning.

5 The Dharani Of Universal Compassion or sometimes called the Dharani of Bodhisattva Bhaisajyaraja)

Anye, manye, arau parau, amane mamane kitte karate; same samita visante, mukte muktatama sama avisamasame, gaye kshaye akshaye akshine sante samite dharani alokabhase pratyavekshani dhiru vivuru abhyantaraparisuddhi, utkule mukule arade parade sukankshi asamasame buddhivilokite dharmaparikshite pratyavekshani sanghanirghoshani nirghoshani bhayavidodhani mantre mantrashayate rutakausalya akshayavanata vakkulavaloka amanyataye.

This is to bring at least a moment of peace to all sentient beings in all words, the hells included. It is regarded as a builder of merit not only for the reciter but for all beings. Many devout Buddhists in China never allow a day to pass without reciting this dharani at least a few times. The followers of the Tien Tai sect and Mi Tsung devotees, attach much importance to this dharani.

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