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The Mantra for Jambhala/Zambalas

The mantra for Jambhala/Zambalas is as follows:


Basically, there are five Zambalas which are the manifestation of the compassion of Buddha and Bodisattvas to guide sentient beings along the path to enlightenment. They have the essence of generosity and represent the activities of increasing benefit. Their aspiratins are to help the poor and those suffering from ill-fortune

It says in a text:-

“E ma! The Profound of Profound Ultimate-
The method of bringing poverty to richness and wealth!
For places whose fortune has become weakened
Newly erecting houses, representations, viharas, and so on,
Will bring wealth wherever they are built and
There will be auspiciousness, goodness, delight and happiness.
The generation of merit is the Jambhala puja;
The increase of individual goods is the wealth puja;
The generation of body strength is the strength puja;
The generation of life-force is the glory puja;
Their qualities could not be partially expressed
Even by one thousand tongus during one hundred kalpas……..”

There are five(5) Zambalas:


  • is the manifestation of the Eastern Buddha, Amoghasiddha who was requested by Buddha Shakyamuni to turn the wheel of Dharma to benefit sentient beings who are suffering from poverty
    To practise Green Zamabala one must first practise the methos of the other four Zambalas. This practise will enable all endeavours to be perfectly accomplished and purify all bad luck and obstacles, prevent theft,bad debts and loss of wealth.

  • Is the compassionate manifestaion of the Boddhisattva Kuan Yin. Was tranformed from the tear of Kuan Yin’s right eye to help fulffi the wishes of all sentient beings.
    By practising White Zambala one can remove the suffering of poverty and sicknes, purify non-virtuous karma and karmic obstacles.


  • an emanation of Buddh Ratnasambhava who instructed Yellow Zambala to take refuge in the Dharma and to help all sentient being in poverty. He is a major Dharma Protector.
    By practising Yellow Zambala can remove poverty within the six realms, increasing virtues, life span and wisdom. All material and spiritual needs shal be met.


  • is practising together with his consort, the heavenly mother of wealth. She is in -charg of wealth in the human realm. In ancient time, this deity was practised mainly by Kings and aristocrats
    Most suited to people in high power (kings, royalty, millionaries and successful businessmn). By practisng Red Zambala, one can attract people, wealth and fame. One will enjoy wealth in abundance and shall be well respectedand supported by people.


  • Originated in ancient India. He manifested from the waters of the river and gave the transmissionof generating wealth to a King whose kingdom was undergoing extreme financial difficulties during that time.
    Benefits the poor and those in solitary retreat. If a person’s mind is always virtuous, Black Zambala will always take care of him/her.
    The basis of these practices is Bodhicitta and the emphasis is on practising in daily life. To achieve the desired result, it is important for us to generate Bodhicitta and make offerings to the Triple Gems and to help sentient beings.

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