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The Six Character True Words (OM MANI PADME HUM) is also known as the Six Character Great Bright Mantra which is the profound, wonderful original hear (mind) of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara( the Boddhisattva Who Observes the World’s Sound)

Benefits of chanting this mantra:

  • By upholding this mantra regardless of one’s whereabouts, one will be protected by all the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas as well as gods, dragon and others of the eightfold division. It is able to cut off one’s ignoreance and open up one’s wisdom; subdue demons and heal illnesses; dispel calamities and lengthen life; bestow immeasurable blessings and wisdom, and gain profound tranquility. It can save and alleviate hundreds and thousands of suffering and difficulty

Meaning of OM MANI PADME HUM (Sanskrit)
  • These six characters together make up the Siz Character Great Bright Mantra, each one individually is able to emit brilliant light.
OM: When we recite this character, all ghosts and spirits must place their palms together to main the rules and regulations. Conforming to the regulations, they follow the correct way.
Hence when we recite this one character, all ghosts and spirits do not dare to disobey orders.

MANI:means “sillent wisdom”. Using wisdom one is able to understand all principles, and thus is able to silently extinguished without production. It is also defined as “separating from filth” which means leaving all dust and filth. It can be compared to the “precious as you will pearl” which is extremely pure, with no defilement. Whatever excellence you wish to bring forth, if you have the “precious as- you-will pearl” it can be done.
It can also fulfill your wishes in accord with your thoughts. Every vow you make will be fulfilled.

PADME:Means ” light perfectly illuminating” and is also defined as “the opening of the lotus”.
It is analogous to the wonderful lotus flower which can complete, perfect and fulfill without obstruction. It is the wonderful mind of Avalokitesvara Boddhisattva.

HUM:Means ” put forth”. Anything at all can be born from this character ” hum”.
Also means ” to protect and support” By reciting this character, all Dharma protectors and good spirits come to support and protect you.
Also means “eradiciating disasters”. By reciting this character, whatever difficulties there are will be eradicated.
Also means ” success” whatever you cultivate can be accomplished.

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